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3 Unique Additions to Make Your Cocktails Stand Out:

If there’s one thing people are doing at parties lately, it’s going over the top -> (and we are HERE FOR IT!) Here’s Social Grace’s 3 unique additions to make your cocktails stand out:

1. Infuse your cocktail with herbs like rosemary, basil, or mint for a fresh and flavorful addition.

Not only do these look gorgeous as a garnish, they also provide an aromatic experience. Lately, we’ve been loving the combination of herbs with fresh edible flowers.

This is perfect for Springtime. Our suggestion is using local or even homegrown herbs for that extra special touch.

2. Add some colorful and eye-catching ingredients like fresh fruit slices or fun-shaped ice cubes.

Taking something as simple as ice or fresh fruit and giving it a creative twist is not only eye catching, but creates a great conversation piece. Another Spring suggestion: cut your fruit into flowers.

3. Try adding edible glitter or shimmery flakes for a magical touch.

Because something that sparkles is instantly more fun! Picture your new years cocktail with sparkly gold flakes or a Christmas Cocktail with a hint of pizazz. We love it!

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